Editorial: Liberal logic flushed with ‘bathroom bill’

The current state of liberalism has devolved to this — science and biology are no longer relevant when it comes to gender.


People are whatever sex (male or female) they feel they are at a given time, which is basically what the nonsensical term “gender identity” means. The term has little to do with reality or meaning — much like terms such as “undocumented immigrant” or “food insecurity.”

However, back to the primary point.

Liberalism continues to shed logic, which is why the state of Texas has to resort to passing laws specifically describing how public school students use the rest room.

This is a portion of the text from an amendment to Senate Bill 2078, which passed the Texas House Monday by a rather strong 94-50 vote. (All three Texas Panhandle lawmakers in the House voted for the bill): “The board of trustees of a school district or the governing body of an open enrollment charter school shall ensure that each school or school facility accommodates the right of each student to access rest rooms, locker rooms, and changing facilities with privacy, dignity and safety by requiring the provisions of single-occupancy facilities for use by a student who does not wish to use the facilities designated for use or commonly used by persons of the student’s biological sex.”

In other words, if a student born male chooses not to use the boys’ rest room, this student can use a separate rest room. And the same applies to a student born female.

If this law is some form of attempted discrimination (as many who oppose science and so-called related “bathroom bills” contend), the law fails miserably.

And spare us the self-righteous hypocrisy of those in the entertainment world. According to the Associated Press, “Many Hollywood actors and music stars have suggested state boycotts” because of such laws. Multimillionaire actors and musicians would not be caught dead demeaning themselves by using a public rest room — and gender has nothing to do with the reason.

Texas has constructed a law that is a reasonable compromise between student safety and the illogical left. Hopefully, it will become law.

How Texas Panhandle House lawmakers voted Monday on SB 2078, which included a “bathroom bill” amendment:

Yes — Four Price, R-Amarillo. John Smithee, R-Amarillo. Ken King, R-Canadian.