Tarpley Band Member Spotlight: Daniela Garcia, Sam Houston Middle School

Daniela Garcia

Daniela Garcia


Sam Houston Middle School

In the Tarpley Band Member Spotlight this week is Sam Houston Middle School seventh grader Daniela Garcia. This 12-year-old flute player has some special traits and qualities that make her standout in class, according to Sam Houston Band Director Suzanne Pecht.

“Daniela is a smart, determined, and natural flute player,” Pecht’s nomination reads. “She was consistently at the top of her section as a beginner and I know she will continue to make great strides in her instrumental playing this year. Daniela is always seeking to improve qualities of her playing and picks up on techniques easily. We are fortunate to have her in our program.”

Daniela and her family moved to Amarillo from Palm Springs, Calif., almost 10 years ago. She said she began playing the flute last year as a sixth grader.

Why the flute?

“Since I was little I loved to listen to how it sounded,” she said. “I loved how graceful it sounded. It seemed fun.”

Daniela’s love of the flute is apparent when people hear what she has planned for her future.

“I would want to become a flute player and play for everyone all around the world,” she said.

Specifically, she said, Daniela would like to become a professional flute player and, if not that, then play in the background for famous performers — perhaps as part of an orchestra.

Daniela says she doesn’t have hobbies, but she does like to challenge herself with problem-solving games on her tablet and also games that make her think and use strategy.

She also likes to spend time with her family, like playing with her little brother, talking with her big sister and helping her mom with chores and cooking.

Parents Gregorio and Nancy Garcia say they are happy for their daughter and proud of her. Daniela says her parents provide a lot of encouragement and are supremely supportive.