Letter: Removing Confederate monuments disregards feelings

Thanks to Edwin Greiner (Greiner: History shows a different side of toppling statues, Aug. 26, amarillo.com), David L. Smith (Letter: Take responsibility instead of focusing on statues, Aug. 29, amarillo.com) and George Forrester (Letter: Time for everyone to move on and get over it, Aug. 30, amarillo.com) regarding historical facts about toppling statues and Confederate flags.


We believe in immigration if individuals coming here are loyal Americans and do not want to overthrow our government, as it was established by our forefathers. Any person who does not believe in what our flag stands for is not welcome, no matter whether they agree or disagree with the president. Any person who disrespects our flag is not worthy of becoming a citizen.

As a people, we sometimes do stupid or immoral things because we do not want to hurt someone’s feelings. It hurts my feelings to have statues torn down. It hurts my feelings when males who want to be females can use a bathroom with my little granddaughters. It hurts my feelings a teen can take drugs so he/she can win a competition over a female.

Regarding slavery, slaves were treated badly, and for that I am sorry. I wonder if Americans today who are descendants of slaves would enjoy the lives of Africans living in Africa today.

Texas was basically created by people leaving their homes for the Republic of Texas. My great-great-grandfather died going back to fight for Texas. The people who fought for the South are my heroes, and some want to destroy their memory.

I am a proud Texan and a proud American, and I thank God I am a part of the United States of America - indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

Thank you to Greiner, Smith and Forrester for expressing the views of many others.


Evelyn Trice