Academic Spotlight: Jillian Jones

Jillian Jones

Jillian Jones, 15

  • Grade: Sophomore, Follett High School
  • Nominated by: Teresa Robison, Follett High counselor
  • Why are you nominating this student? “Jillian is one of those ‘model students’ … academically, socially, and personally.”
  • Why does this student stand out? “Jillian is a standout in her work ethic, her kind heart and her academic prowess.”
  • What is your biggest accomplishment? “It was when I, myself, decided to put on Christ in baptism.”
  • What is your secret to success? “One of the reasons I think that I am successful is because I know the importance of looking, listening and trying.”
  • What is your favorite subject and why? “Reading and writing, because when you are reading or writing you can be anyone or go anywhere.”
  • What is your current involvement in the community or school? “Basketball and softball, 4-H, FFA, Student Council, academic UIL and a member of Canadian Church of Christ.”
  • How do you stay motivated in school? “I’m motivated because I have some great teachers who make learning fun and interesting.”
  • What are your plans and goals after graduation? “I plan to go to college, but for now I’m open to whichever career I choose.”
  • What is your best-kept secret or hidden talent? “I am my own worst critic. It might look like good grades come naturally, but I work hard for my grades.”
  • What are your favorite things? “Working with my livestock animals, listening to music and playing games with my family.”