Education Federal Credit Union Academic Spotlight: Cason Mackie, Spearman Junior High School

Cason Mackie, 13


School: Spearman Junior High, seventh grade

Name of nominator: Karen Thompson, seventh-grade writing teacher

Reason for nominating student: Cason is a great student who is always a willing participant.

Why does this student stand out? Cason is an A student who is involved in many activities in school, the community and church.

What is your biggest achievement? Accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and receiving the science award in fifth grade.

What is your secret to success? Success equals mind over matter.

What is your favorite subject and why? History, because it teaches us how to avoid future conflicts by learning from our past.

What are your current involvements in the community or school? UIL, church youth, Junior FFA, band, football, basketball and cross country

How do you stay motivated in school? I challenge myself to be better than my classmates and better than I was yesterday.

What are your plans and goals after graduation? attend OSU and earn a degree in engineering.

What is your best-kept secret or hidden talent? I’m a science nerd.

What are your favorites (Include two or three, such as books, music, movies, food, hobbies)? Artemis Fowl series, Heroes of Olympus series, archery, football, shrimp