Bushland bridge replacement starts Monday

Demolition of the westbound bridge on Interstate 40 at Farm-to-Market Road 2381 in Bushland begins today. Westbound I-40 traffic will be detoured to the Bushland exit, but eastbound I-40 traffic will not be affected.


The bridge was irreparably damaged Feb. 27 when a tractor-trailer driven by Arnold Delarosa, 48, of Mission, crashed through a guard rail and landed between the eastbound and westbound lanes, striking the structural supports that hold up the westbound lanes of I-40.

Across town, other lane closures and continuing work are planned. New lane closures include the westbound right lane on the I-40 frontage road at Airport Boulevard (ditch maintenance) and the eastbound lane on the I-40 frontage road between Arnot and Hope roads (edge repair work at Cadillac Ranch). Continuing TxDOT work includes:

I-40/Bell Street (Bridge Replacement)

n The Bell Street bridge, including the eastbound turnaround, will remain closed through completion of the project in November. The westbound turnaround bridge is expected to reopen in the near future.

n The eastbound frontage road is reduced to one lane through the Bell Street intersection.

n I-40 is reduced to two lanes in each direction (four of the highway’s six lanes) until the completion of the project.

n I-40 frontage road and Bell Street speed limits are 35 mph, and the I-40 speed limit through the construction zone is 50 mph.

I-40/I-27 Interchange

n The left lane of the southbound I-27 frontage road and the right lane of southbound I-27 at the interchange are closed.

n The ramp from 26th Avenue onto north I-27 is closed.

n The ramp from south I-27 to 26th Avenue is closed.

n The left lane of the northbound I-27 frontage road is closed just north of the 26th Avenue exit for widening construction and other improvements. TxDOT plans to have the northbound 26th Avenue entrance open in September. TxDOT is still determining how the adjacent project, the widening of the 26th Avenue bridge, will impact the direct connect, therefore the projected date for when the project will be complete has not been determined. TxDOT expects to begin the bridge widening project sometime in November.

I-40/Soncy Road

n The northbound right and center lanes of Soncy Road will be closed from 34th Avenue to I-40 and the right lane from I-40 to Amarillo Boulevard (business I-40) to widen lanes. Northbound traffic from 34th Avenue to the frontage road will be down to one lane.

n The right turn only lane on the westbound I-40 frontage road to northbound Soncy Road will be closed until widening is complete.

n The right lane on northbound Soncy Road continues to be closed north of Roach Street to the I-40 access road. The right lane reopens to turn on to the access road. Expected completion: July 2018

I-40/Ross and Arthur

n On I-40 eastbound, the on-ramp to Crockett Street is closed. Expected duration: several months

n The westbound I-40 entrance ramp between Ross and Arthur streets is closed.

n The left lane of the eastbound I-40 frontage road is closed from Arthur to Ross street.

n The westbound I-40 entrance ramp between Nelson and Ross streets is closed.

n The eastbound I-40 exit ramp between Osage and Nelson streets is closed.

n The right lane of eastbound I-40 frontage road is closed at Osage Street. Osage Street is closed at the south frontage road.

n The right lanes of I-40 westbound and eastbound are closed from Nelson Street to I-27. Expected completion: Spring 2018.

n The left lanes of the I-40 westbound and eastbound frontage roads are closed between Quarter Horse Drive and Arthur Street. Expected completion: Spring 2018.

Washington Street

n The frontage road between Washington Street and the railroad tracks will be reduced to a single lane of one-way traffic as it goes under the bridge; traffic will alternate directional flow controlled by traffic signals. Expected completion: July 2018.

n From Washington Street to I-27, the speed limit is reduced to 45 mph. Expected completion: July 2018.

n Work continues on and along the shoulders from Washington Street to I-27. Expected completion: July 2018.

n Between Washington and Georgia streets traffic will be reduced to a single lane; motorists should look for flaggers directing traffic. Expected completion: July 2018.

Hollywood Road

n The exit and entrance ramps east of Georgia Street are one-way ramps.

n Access to Hollywood Road from the north at Bell Street remains closed to help facilitate intersection construction.

n Westbound Loop traffic must exit at Georgia Street and turn left under the bridge and right on the south frontage road to continue westbound.

n The intersection of South Georgia Street and Hollywood Road has a three-way stop condition at the north and the south frontage roads.

n From I-27 to Valleyview Drive, traffic will be reduced to one lane east and westbound with no left turn lanes. Expected completion: July 2018.

n Traveling eastbound, the right lane has been converted to a right-turn only lane from just east of I-27 to Valleyview Drive. All through traffic should use the left lane.

n Wilshire and Valleyview drives to the north and Circle Drive are closed at Hollywood Road until the westbound frontage road can be opened to traffic. Expected completion: July 2018.

n Access to Lamount Drive will be closed at various times during the day.

n Access to Hollywood Road at Olympia Drive is permanently closed.

City of Amarillo work

n Today, the City of Amarillo will close Seventh Avenue between Pierce and Buchanan streets for rehabilitation. The closure and reconstruction are Phase IV of the downtown parking garage construction plan. Expected duration: October

n The crosswalk is undergoing reconstruction at Georgia Street and Plains Boulevard, requiring minimal lane closures. Two-way traffic will be maintained throughout the duration of the reconstruction. Expected completion: September.

n Seal coating operations are underway on various residential streets as part of an annual summer project. The city began in the vicinity of Southeast 58th Avenue and Osage Street and is proceeding north, going between Mirror and Osage streets from Southeast 58th to Southeast 34th avenues, between Osage and Eastern streets from Southeast 34th Avenue to I-40 and between Osage and Grand streets from I-40 to Amarillo Boulevard.

n Residents will receive notices requesting parked vehicles be removed from the street the Friday prior to the week their street is scheduled for resurfacing. Expected completion: September.


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