New Year's auction becomes tradition

Amarillo auctioneer Bob Goree presides over dozens of sales each year, but none are more special to him than the first sale of the year.


People from all over the Texas Panhandle filled Bob Goree Auctioneers, 301 S. Grant St. next to the Santa Fe Depot, on Thursday to bid in a sale that has become an annual tradition.

“We started the annual New Year’s sale 20 years ago and we have been very blessed with our patrons,” Goree said.

Goree has been in the auction game since 1958. He runs a state auction every two weeks and estimated that 24 estate sales should come up before long.

At the annual New Year’s Day auction there were lots of antiques, firearms and even some unusual items.

Fine china, jewelry, rifles and antique furniture items crowded the floor and tables inside the auction house. Two of the more unusual items were parts for a carousel and a mounted display of a deer’s hindquarters.

Goree said he hoped the sale had something for everyone.

“We are just blessed to put this on once a year,” Goree said.

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