Vote Early, Not Often: Early voting for the March 6 primary begins Tuesday, and runs through March 2. Voters in Randall County need to know that if they show up to vote at the old Randall County Annex, they will be out of luck. Early voting, as well as voting on Election Day, will be at the “new” Randall County Annex — 4320 S. Western in Amarillo. Also, it is probably worth mentioning that this is a primary election — meaning that voters must pick a Republican or Democrat ballot. (Election officials are not trying to pry into a voter’s personal preferences.) I would like to think it is unnecessary to point out how primary voting works, but then again it is probably necessary for some unaware voters — unfortunately. By the way, Amarillo Globe-News endorsements for the March 6 primary begin Sunday and will run periodically for the next few days.

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